In 2002 a young man in Swaziland broached the idea of a Sub Saharan gala for developing swimmers, this grew into a reality with the first Invitational being held in Swaziland in January 2003.  The idea was to get young swimmers from the region together and develop regional swimming, the host country was tasked with providing reasonable accommodation and loads of fun.  And so the Sub Saharan gala was born, again it was hosted in 2004 by Swaziland, followed by Namibia in 2005, Zambia in 2006 and Harare, Zimbabwe in 2007.  Our efforts in 2007 were well recognised, so much so that CANA came along and took it away, renaming the event CANA Zone IV Championships which in 2008 were hosted by Malawi.  Since then the event has been held every year, and as an invitational has been spread to the Zone 3 region with Kenya and Tanzania being keen supporters.  However, the host country will always be a CANA Zone IV country, and in 2017 it is back in Zimbabwe, this time in Bulawayo.  The nature of the gala has changed somewhat over the years, it is no longer a development affair, but a full blown international event.  A couple of years ago CANA introduced a Zone IV Waterpolo tournament to compliment the swimming, this is still very much a developmental affair as only Zimbabwe and South Africa currently compete, and for the first time ever both of these events will be run at the same time in Bulawayo, making this much more of an aquatic tournament.


Please take a look at the prospectus for the 2017 edition of the CANA IV Swimming and Waterpolo Championships to be held in Bulawayo in February 2017

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