A swimming pool with no deck officials is probably the worst case scenario for any meet.  Parents are often unaware that without the contributions of those who are prepared to assist, that the swimmer is the ultimate loser – no officials records will stand!  The whole sport is determined by the amount of work parents are prepared to put in – firstly they are required to get the swimmers to and from training once or twice a day, they commit hard earned cash to support the swimmers who are chosen to go on tour to further their competitive careers, and lastly they are required to assist on the decks ensuring that swim meets are run to the required standards.  They are also the primary source of administrators and therefore sit on Club, Provincial and National Boards.  Without parents we are lost!  Having said that, it is also important that all parents understand their roles and get involved on the deck, without competitions there is no need for swimmers, tours or Boards.  To this end, parents need to start with timekeeping, move on to either Chief Timekeeper or move to the more technical roles of Turn or Stroke Judging, moving eventually onto Referee.

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