The team have been here for 6 days today and we have seen the village go from just ticking over to full on activity.  The atmosphere is becoming electric, welcome ceremonies are taking place every couple of hours with 5 teams at a time having their flag raised and being welcomed by the Village Mayor.  The main competition pool was closed today for the Waterpolo teams to familiarise themselves with the venue which meant the practice pools close to the village were the place to be seen!  Below are a couple of pictures from the ceremony along with a great clip of Kirsty Coventry fans wishing her all the best for her swims.  If fans could win races for athletes, Kirsty’s loyal supporters would indeed guarantee her golds again.  Sean Gunn and Kirsty continue to train hard and are now working on their race techniques, but today we were all full of smiles.IMG_1178

Ceremony IMG_1164 (1)

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