There are always people who intrigue me!  Today I received a fantastic e mail from a parent in my club advising me of the following statistics.  He was comparing results from 2009 against those of 2016.

  1.  2016 swimmers swam faster 72% of the time compared to swimmers in 2009
  2.  2016 Girls were way faster.  80% in races over 50m and 95% of the time in 50m races!
  3.  2016 Boys were faster in 65% of races and 75% of the time in 50m races
  4.  2016 10/unders were 100% faster that those of 2009

This shows that whilst we seem to lose the aggregate trophies regularly these days our swimming is improving all the time, any one in Harare want to see what your results look like?


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