So tomorrow is all about Sean Gunn. Sean has been swimming since he was 7 years old taking part in his first gala just days before his 8th birthday. He has held junior records which have since been broken, but he still holds the freestyle records for Men in both the 100m and 200m. Tomorrow he makes his debut at the Olympics.


Interestingly Sean had his photo taken with Kirsty Coventry when he was 10 years old and he has kept that photo safe all these years!  Today he and Kirsty are both team mates and good friends.  He openly admits that he idolised her, kept thinking that his Olympic dreams could come true if he just persevered.  He went to secondary school in Harare but moved to a better swimming environment mid way through and kept his swimming dream alive when he won a swimming scholarship to Limestone University in South Carolina, a Division 11 school.  There he trained hard, honed his skills and won NCAA honours.  This led to him securing a place at the University of Kentucky a Division 1 school and situated in the SEC.  He is now going into his senior year there and will complete his degree in 2017.


Tomorrow we will get up and have breakfast at around 10 am, get to the pool around 11 am and warm up for his event.  He will be in Heat 2, Lane 5 and the Mens 100m Freestyle is the first event of the day.Sean 2Sean and Kirsty 1Sean and Kirsty 2

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