The first Sub Saharan gala was held in Swaziland in 2004.  The idea was for swimmers in our region to get together once a year and compete.  It was hoped that this would improve the standard of swimming in our area, and to date this has been held a total of 13 times.  Zimbabwe attended regularly and usually do very well, sadly the last two events were financially impossible to attend.  We hosted the event in 2007 and are scheduled to host again in 2017.  The next Cana 4 gala will be held in Mauritius at the Serge Alfred Swimming Pool at Beau Bassin in the Plaines Wilhems area.  We are hoping that this year we will be able to field a strong enough team to make an impact on the competition.  The standard of swimming has improved dramatically at this event and we need every able bodied kid we can get!  To qualify for selection swimmers need Level 2 times swum this season, be residents or Zimbabwe passport holders and pay a non refundable deposit of $250 before the 22nd February 2016.  Those swimmers who make themselves available and are not selected will be refunded.  Deposits are to be paid to the ZSBC Treasurer, or via the Provincial Treasurers.Mauritius 2Mauritius

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