Learn to Swim 

with Lorna

Back in 1992, there was a serious need for Learn to swim Instructors.  Lorna Riley’s swim school answered a need then and is still producing both accomplished competitive swimmers along with competent school swimmers.   The school is small, private and designed to produce confident swimmers whose ability will be recognised by schools and clubs alike.  Lorna Riley has 20 years experience, has a Fina Level 3 qualification the highest level offered by the World Swimming Administrator and a UK qualification in teaching children to swim.  Stroke development is Lorna’s speciality and it is the fundamental skill to assure performance when it matters.

Lorna’s philosophy is that swimming is a life skill and one that all children in Zimbabwe should have.  Our country is full of rivers and canals, dams and reservoirs along with homes blessed with swimming pools, plenty of opportunities for children to drown but it’s such an easy skill to acquire and one that all urban children can learn either at school or privately.

The swim school is based in Suburbs, Bulawayo is available to clients from Monday to Thursday during the 1st and 3rd school terms from 12 noon to 5 pm.  Classes are small with a maximum of 4 swimmers in a group with children grouped according to age and ability.  Each lesson is 30 minutes long and is filled with a variety of skills from stroke work and survival skills.  As swimmers progress through the ranks improved techniques and competitive swimming skills are introduced.  For older swimmers’ there are dedicated Stroke work sessions offered at a nearby pool.

Swimmers are encouraged to continue swimming once they have acquired the necessary skills and are invited to attend developments galas offered by the Matabeleland Amateur Swimming Board and join competitive swimming clubs.  Not all swimmers are interested in competitive swimming but clubs offer a good social outlook, improved health and fitness for children with asthma etc and a way to enjoy a sport which is fun and can lead to other pursuits like triathlon and water polo.

Contact can be made with Lorna Riley at 45 Pauling Road, telephone 250392, mobile 0712 423810, or via email on lorna.m.riley@gmail.com

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