Mat Swim Board

Matabeleland Amateur Swimming Board with

The Matabeleland Board are the administrators of swimming in our Province.  It is their duty to implement the rules and regulations that govern our galas, excluding fina rules which are absolute!  The plan the programme of events, they organise officials to run the gala and they select teams to represent the province at national events.

They are elected by the clubs affiliated to them.  Their Board has a Chairperson and a Vice, a Treasurer and a Secretary, then they have a Gala Secretary, a Computer operator and a Press officer.  Added to this they then have representatives of the clubs who duty it is to assist the Board with making decisions and to relay the information and concerns of the club members to the Board and back again.

For 2015/16 the following have been elected to the Matabeleland Board:

Chairperson                         Mrs Robyn Smith

Vice Chairperson                 Mrs Nokuthula Cyprianos

Treasurer                             Mrs Thando Tayali

Secretary                             Mrs Carol McAllister

Gala Secretary                    Mrs Bokani Dube

Club Representatives           Mr Thomas Werrett (Barracudas) Mrs Siobhan Kesson (SOS) Mr Gliwitski (B G Dolphins) Mr Barney

O Hara (Falcon College)

The Board is affiliated, along with the other Provinces – Mashonaland, Mashonaland Country Districts, Midlands, Manicaland and Masvingo, to the Zimbabwe Swimming Board of Control.  It is here that the majority of the policies are borne, it is here that the sport is developed and the information disseminated to the Provinces.  This Board is made up of a Chairperson and Vice, a Treasurer and a Secretary, Provincial Heads, Officials and Coaches reps and together they deal with the rules and regulations for the season, they formulate tour criteria, select national teams and deal with any matters that the Provincial Boards raise for their consideration.

The various Boards of Control – Swimming and Waterpolo, Synchro and Diving if they are operational, fall under the control of the Zimbabwe Aquatic Union.  Again this Board is made up of a President and a Secretary General, a Treasurer and Secretary and a General Member along with the Heads of the Boards.  Only this body is able to deal with Government departments such as Sports and Recreation and the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee and the international heads of our sport such as Cana and Fina.

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