For many years ZSBC have made efforts to keep both swimmers and the parents together with coaches and officials informed of newsworthy events, upcoming tours and generally make everyone aware of what’s happening in Zimbabwe swimming.

ZSBC try and send out approximately 5 editions per year, one at the start of the season once the new Board has been appointed, one after the Sprint Gala in Mutare, another after the provincial Championships in December, one after the Senior National Championships and the final one at the end of the season.

The Board rely on various people to send in current information, the provinces are asked to submit the going on in their areas, the records convenor is asked to advise us of any records broken, the Officials convenor is asked to give us any updates of rules or advise us of any problems in her area.  Tour managers are asked to submit a short report on the team’s successes and perhaps add a couple of team photos and swimmers are asked to send us in any articles they may have written.  Occasionally, we have former swimmers who give us updates on their lives and we encourage anyone with any interest in Zimbabwe swimming to get involved and keep us informed.

Provinces are asked to send this out to all those who are affiliated in their regions and ZSBC send this on to those who are interested and live outside Zimbabwe.

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